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Validating summative assessment

Payment History Inquiry - You can use this feature to view your last payment; or you can select a pay period and view all payments for care provided within that pay period. Timing and Deadlines - Pay periods can be worked on the day they start.

You can enter hours day by day throughout the two weeks and use the save buttons to retain the hours.

As our world-class rankings confirm, we also do it better than everyone else.

Informed by decades of research and practical experience with tens of thousands of clients around the globe, our expertise drives measurable and enduring results.

You then must select three security questions and enter responses to each before completing the initial login.

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To correct or back bill; select the pay period, select "Work on Billing Invoice", type in the revised or additional hours and then select Submit.

Before you begin working on a billing that you submitted previously, be sure you have a printed copy for your records.

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Below you will find provider billing information that will help you in the process.