Updating a tomtom 340xl gps

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Updating a tomtom 340xl gps

Since the "generic" GPS (such as MIO C310X) have been sold for under 0. Recently, Costco started selling 350 for 0, Amerzon is following. Another drop will make these units more reasonablly priced.

The way to look at it is: if you buy now and the price drops later, you've gotten that much $$$ utility out of thing, so it's not "wasted" money.

That’s what I did and it worked for me, Other people have chosen to just using Windows Explorer navigate into the device and just delete the Maps database, I don’t know how that would work because I did not try it myself, if you decide to do that, BE SURE you backup your device first using the TOMTOM Home2 software, specially be sure to backup your maps, voices and favorites, Once you have passed the problem with the map update I’m sure you will be a happy camper as well with this GPS, good luck!

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Somebody else waiting for the price to drop is not enjoying the utility of the GPS. When the price hits a level that you can afford yourself, buy it. It came in today and I hope to be playing with it in an hour or two. There is always price to pay and I'm not sure it will be the companies like garmin to pay it.

he matched the price to 0, so that’s what I ended up paying plus taxes, (A friend tells me the sales person wasn’t just nice, it’s because Sears actually has a price match .00 USD policy) either way I think I got a good deal because all other retail stores had it at anything from 9 to 9.

This is the first real GPS I have ever had (Previously used my Phone’s) and so far so good, It works great and guides me everywhere I have asked it to without issue, even in those far from the city areas, It is packed with features you only find in expensive models, Tom Tom needs to get their act together in what has to do with the software/firmware updates though, they definitely have issues with that, the vast majority of negative reviews I have seen about the XL 340s is about people getting frustrated with the software and maps updates, that’s why I gave it a 4 in ease of use at my Bestbuy review of this item, the actual GPSs graphical interface is very user friendly though .

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