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Even if sexbots don't threaten to replace us emotionally, shouldn't we still be a little bit worried about the possibility that they become conscious and seek their revenge for all the sexual exploitation? Savage doesn't closely follow the HBO hit about an adult fantasy park filled with potentially rebellious sexbots that appear to have bridged the uncanny valley.

But he thinks the show's attempt to stir up cultural anxiety over the inevitable advance of technology into our sex lives is a little paranoid."I just don't think that people are going to be that freaked out by the (humanoid) sexbots," he says.

Big names in porn such as Pornhub already offer entire channels of VR porn that anyone can experience with a device as simple as Google Cardboard.

VR would certainly be a cheaper method of fantasy fulfillment than robots, especially in the case of a gigantism fetish, also known as macrophilia.

The Roxxxy prototype is claimed to have been modeled after a college-aged Caucasian fine arts student.

According to the website of the company, Roxxxy is not limited to sexual uses and "can carry on a discussion and expresses her love to you.

"There's a certain tactile quality that people want in their experience," Savage says, adding that he hasn't experienced much VR.

"Just moving through space where nothing ever pushes back I don't think is going to satisfy people sexually, but who knows where that technology will go." Savage concedes that VR could be a better solution for people who are into the 50-foot tall woman (or man) thing, but he says he's still more bullish on the potential of sexbots we can touch with our hands (and other body parts).

Where does that fit in with our otherworldly erotic fantasies?Paranormal romance books, and later their film and TV adaptations, are big business."Just get online ...and look at all the interspecies stuff and alien stuff and Bigfoot stuff and centaur stuff and 50-foot-tall woman stuff," says Savage, who has advised the public on everything from how to get out of abusive relationships to the value of following something called the "campsite rule," which has nothing to do with camping but everything to do with treating others with respect.The animal-human hybrids will be just one of the many inevitable kinds of sexbots that will keep people company, and provide other, uh, services, predicts the author of the popular syndicated sex advice column "Savage Love" and host of the "Savage Lovecast" podcast."There's just this pent-up, millennia-old demand for these sexual archetypes -- sexual gods, really -- that we've never been able to fulfill," Savage told me over the phone from Seattle, where he lives and works as editor of the weekly newspaper The Stranger, which has run his column for two decades.

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back in 2010, and as we reported last week in our feature Dawn of the sexbots, Abyss Creations, maker of stunningly lifelike Real Doll sex dolls, is set to release an upgraded AI-equipped version.

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