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Online dating users

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The"father" explained his "daughter" needed counseling as a result of the thread of sexual photos.

The therapy he explained would cost 00."Unless he paid for her counseling he would have the police officer file the charges," she explained.

She said the girl sent sexually-explicit pictures to her son, and in response her son sent pictures as well.

The next phone call her son received was a message from "Greenville County officer.""He was investigating, and that unless we work it out and informed him that it is worked out, if they chose to press charges they would file a warrant for his arrest and he could go to jail," said the mother.

Greenville County deputies said the people behind this trap will pinpoint and give specific names of investigators who work in the sex crimes or crimes against children unit."They've done their research," Sgt. In this case, the mother we spoke with said she even got a picture of a counseling bill over text message.

Leaving aside ageing population factors, could the two trends be linked?

It’s a subject tackled by guests on this week’s , which brought together people single by choice and circumstance to determine why increasing numbers of Australians are living their lives without a significant other.

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