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Austrian chat

‘Standard Austrian German’ refers to the official German spoken in Austria, which, despite the strong accent, is largely indistinguishable from the German spoken in Germany.There are small differences in vocabulary, of course, such as ), but these differences provide no real hurdle for German (or non-German speakers) to navigate.Ed and I really loved the upbeat enthusiasm of the Austrian language, and once we’d digested our lessons, we felt like we could certainly conquer any mountain that stood in our way! Sure, we had a great teacher who armed us properly with words, phrases and insider tips on pronunciation, but we learned that the real secret to Austrian awesomeness is that you’ve got to turn your enthusiasm up to 11 and say everything with a smile.Learning Austrian is like making friends with a smiley, sporty and slightly mad person.If Ed and I were going to successfully transform ourselves into bonafide Austrians in just a couple of hours, we were going to need all the help we could get from Isabella. I mistakenly thought Austrian would consist of a lot of shouting and throaty growls, but actually the opposite couldn’t be more true. Maybe I’m unfairly characterising Northern Germans here, but as down to earth and earnest as they are, they’re not really known for their upbeat and outgoing nature.It’s waaaaaay softer than I thought, and far more ‘sing-songy’ than I imagined. However, all the Austrians I’ve ever met have been nothing but energetic, positive and up for anything.They’ll say everything super fast, and you might have trouble keeping up, but it doesn’t really matter because they have this infectious, sunny nature that really rubs off on you!

Another example of just how cutesy Austrian can be is the way Austrians say goodbye, as they swap out the harsh and choppy . All I had in my head were ill-informed visions of big burly mountain men speaking quickly, harshly and loudly whilst rolling their r’s all over the place. to p.m., Eastern Standard Time in the United States. You can check the status of your application any time at the following website.Email: Send an email to [email protected] in the subject and/or body enter a valid passport number exactly as it was entered at the time the appointment was scheduled, and you will receive an automatic response with the status.For us, the dream was to master authentic Austrian so well that we’d able to blend into a .But motivation and pretzel-fueled energy can only get you so far.

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